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About Us

A.M. Harris, Owner & Publisher

Simple Solutions for Hard Times

“Amhar Publications is dedicated to providing resource materials that educate, motivate and enpower people to succeed!” A.M. Harris

Amhar Publications, Inc., was started in 2007 by A.M. Harris, a social service director with nearly 30 years of practical experience, to provide the resolute information needed to help people effectively navigate their way through the collateral damage that comes with unemployment, underemployment and other life challenges.

Harris’ years of teaching struggling individuals and families how to get back on track was often a daunting task.  The one-size-fits-all approach found in most resource materials on the market did not provide the dead-on solutions her clients needed to overcome their situation. Instead, these materials often steered clear of addressing tough problems by sugarcoating the issues people are dealing with and making them boring to read.  A.M. Harris began to develop her own material capturing three decades worth of her best front-line solutions that helped people get back on their feet and Amhar Publications was born. 

In most cases, people just want to know what they have to do to make it without the red tape and politically correct mumbo jumbo that often comes along with the territory when seeking help. Our products breaks down complex topics and presents them in a format that is easy to understand and fun to read.  With social service funds being cut more and more, people need resources that can help them help themselves. 

Let Amhar Publications be the authentic source you can trust to help your clients effectively manage the temporary setbacks in their lives while ultimately obtaining success through your programs.